Fish 630 It a comfortable cutter is ideally
suitable for fishing and domestic rest.
Functional cabin in the case of necessity
will hide you ot a rain and sun.
There are fastenings for 4th fishing-rods and
hold for a catch

15800 eur


long are 6,40 m
complete width - 2,54м
sinking - 0,44м
complete height - 2,75м
weight - 1000
passengers-  6 persons
maximal power of motor - 140 h.p.
minimum power of motor - 70 h.p.
recommended power of motor - 90-100 h.p.
category  C- CE

In standard acquisition included:
Steering management
Engine management +3 sensor
Fuel tank with the chrome
Lighting a deck and cabin
Purifier of windscreen
Fires of sides
Lyuk is in a salon
The opened small hinged window pane are in lateral
glasses of deck-house
Moorings ducks
Bio rest room
A tic floor is in a cabin
Large hold with the opened lid on a deck
Short flight of stair for bathing
Fastenings for 4th fishing-rods

Additional options:
Sonic depth finder
Dinner-wagon on a deck
Awning above a deck
Treyler for transportation